1. 1MW Solar PV power plant installation, Bamyan, Afghanistan
  2. 140 kW hydropower project installation, Shah Delir, Afghanistan
  3. 100 kW hydropower project installation, Tira Koh, Afghanistan
  4. Panjshir-Afghanistan, Solar PV, Solar Lights, Solar Street Lighting
  5. Electrification of 18 isolated health clinics in Panjshir, Afghanistan – Solar PV systems, Solar Hot Water Systems (with pumps) and Solar Streetlights
  6. Design and installation of the Sayed Karam 100kW solar electrification project, Afghanistan
  7. Afghan communications power study and renewable generation options, AWCC, Afghanistan
  8. Panjshir Valley 75 kW wind power system installation and commissioning, Afghanistan, USAID
  9. Remote power supply for hybrid VSAT communications systems in Afghanistan
  10. Wind and solar powered water treatment systems in remote communities – Afghanistan
  11. Renewable Energy Training – training on micro hydro control technology for engineers, Afghanistan
  12. USAID Afghanistan Clean Energy Project
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