Our full suite of services includes:

  • Commercial power project development (clean energy technology neutral - solar, hydro, natural gas, etc.), financing, construction, ownership and operation.
  • Creating distributed or grid-connected energy systems for communities, as well as private and public institutions
  • Designing and building clean energy systems to reduce or replace diesel dependency
  • Operations and Management of electricity distribution systems
  • Designing solutions for by-product and waste-to-energy systems to mitigate environmental pollution
  • Providing service and support through knowledge transfer and capacity-building


SESI recognises that diesel-based power generation creates major logistics and financial challenges for many low-income countries. To mitigate these challenges, SESI assists our clients in achieving long-term benefits of energy independence by offering a range of options to overcome financial barriers.

These options consist of the following:

Independent Power Producer Option

SESI builds and owns the installation and invoices for generated power. This means no capital outlay required from the client.

Partnership Option

Shared investment with client on negotiated shares basis for installation and ownership.

Procurement Option

SESI builds the installation on a design and construct only basis. Client has full ownership of installation and power generated.

Transaction Advisory Services

SESI with our Strategic Partners provides Transaction Advisory Services for Energy, Mining, and Agriculture Sectors. Services include due diligence, structuring, financing, and promoting projects. We work with our clients to find the right solutions to their sector needs.
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